Why does not your Computer Boot? Part II

It may be that for any reason it is impossible to read the master boot record form the hard disk. In this case it is necessary to boot form any other device – CD or a floppy – and check the activity of the hard disk. If the disk is “active”, the master boot record can be recovered in different ways. But if the disk is not “active”, you, most likely, should contact a good and certified specialist. In case of success, your disk will be recovered in a service center, but in case of failure, it must be replaced.

The situation is worse when a monitor screen is black and something beeps in your system unit. These signs and also flashing LEDs indicate a failure when you test standard equipment: processor, memory, video card, communication devices and other. If you see “Press F1 to resume” caption on a screen, there are also failures among secondary devices – for example, the hard disk or CD-ROM with specified parameters were not found on a particular connector of IDE-loop.

To detect faults, you only have to follow up the signals (beeps and flashing) sent by BIOS.


Nowadays a lot of motherboards are equipped with additional panels with LEDs Diagnostic that display the status of system diagnostic. As a rule, such panel can be found on the back side of the computer, but in some models it can be found on the front side. In this case, an error message will occur as a combination of green and red signals. In case of successful booting of all devices, all LEDs will be green.